Cooking courses in Umbria


The farmhouse organizes cooking classes to teach how to cook local products. The chefs of Cacio Re Inn will be available to teach the art of knowing how to cook. For all those who have the pleasure to learn how to prepare food in a certain way, following the traditional recipes, or try something new, have been thought special courses to learn the culinary bases. It will be possible to learn how to prepare dishes from a whole menu for lunch and / or dinner: appetizers, pasta dishes, fresh pasta, side dishes and desserts. In this way you can then repeat the recipes on special occasions, when you will invite friends and relatives at home and to make a great impression.

The cooking classes in Umbria organized by the Cacio Re Inn allow beginners to learn simple processes that can then be enriched by the imagination of each participant. The kitchen staff makes available the tools, its experience and are taught the fundamental techniques for the preparation of various dishes, revealing more about their work. Are used typical local products, raw materials chosen with care and attention, so that the ingredients used are at the top of the quality. Once the preparation of each serving is finished, the dishes prepared will be tasted accompanied with wines. To understand what is the best wine to accompany a particular dish there are the sommelier lessons.

The cooking classes in Umbria organized by the Cacio Re Inn are held on weekends or during the week and can be individual or in group. For any kind of information you can contact the Secretariat staff by telephone or by filling in the contact form within the site. In the written requests you need to be precise and detailed in requiring the explanations specifying if are for an individual or for a group of participants, so that the answer it will be as detailed as possible