Restaurant in Vallo di Nera


In the Vallo di Nera restaurant are excellent chefs, who daily perform the menu of the farmhouse. At the basis of their professionalism is the commitment and the care in creating a impeccable product and at the same time appetizing and tasty. Every dish, from the appetizer to the dessert, is made with creativity and wisdom, seeking the quality and the authenticity of flavors. The menu, in fact, is composed mainly of traditional Umbrian food, especially the products of the Valnerina. The ingredients that are used for the preparation of various delicacies derived from certified products ensuring the quality of the raw materials chosen.

The tradition is wisely combined with new flavors, creating products that are always modern and, at the same time, in step with the times. Indeed, there is the possibility to find products for people suffering from celiac disease and any other food intolerances. In the house menu the starters are realized with truffles of Norcia or local truffles, the first and main courses are prepared in an exceptional way by combining the raw materials chosen and cooked with care, there are many varieties of cheeses that are carefully selected. Norcini cold cuts, many meat specialties (Chianina and lamb), seafood (trout of the Nera river), legumes (lentil and spelt). All this is accompanied by delicious Italian wines and drinks.

The delicacies of the Vallo di Nera restaurant can be enjoyed both in indoors areas, especially in winter, and on a very large outdoor veranda, there is a outdoor garden which opens as far as the eye all around the valley. During the spring and the summer, to the good food can be added colors and scents that nature gives us. The restaurant offers a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere suitable for all ages. The staff is attentive to all the needs of customers and is ready to meet every request with punctuality, reliability and courtesy. The experience of each member of staff is available to customers in order to make feel comfortable every single person present in the structure, allowing them to spend some unforgettable moments of relaxation.